Please review login and password procedures notes below:

1. If you previously set up your login name and password, you can continue using the same username and password. Go to Login screen by clicking the link in the upper right corner. Click on “Forgotten your username or password?”

2. If you have never logged on this system your user name is your membership ID number see below.

     - Locate your Member ID number.

     - Go to Login screen and Click the login link in the upper right corner.

     - On the login screen Click "Forgotten your Username or Password? 

     - Enter your Member ID in the "Username" box and click "Search".

     - You will receive an email with a link to create a password. (The system uses the email from your membership record; you can change your email from  the Contact Info page, see below.)

Where can I find my Member ID number?

     - Locate a copy of PA Freemason Magazine you received. On the mailing address section your Member ID is above your first name.

     - Logon to our Membership system at - Click on "Contact Info" tab at the top next to "Home" tab. Your Member ID is under the picture on the "My Contact Info" Page. ( Please note: if you cannot logon contact your Lodge Secretary and confirm he has your correct email address on your member record)

     - Contact your Lodge Secretary and request your Member ID number. Confirm with him your member record has your current email address as preferred.

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